Thirsty trees are trouble.

Draw a line around the edge of a tree's branches; that's the drip line. A tree's root system spreads a third to a half again beyond that point, even further if it finds moisture. Whether under or near your foundation, those roots are sucking moisture from the soil causing it to settle, creating foundation problems. Caught in time, root damage to your foundation can be prevented. Your Du-West specialist is trained to spot these potential problems and offer solutions such as root shields, which may not involve foundation repair.

Texas soil is a sponge-like expansive clay known as gumbo. That's important to know because when your home is built on top of this soil, moisture builds under the foundation while soil around the foundation's edge dries and shrinks. The more moisture in the soil, the more it expands lifting your foundation. Remove moisture and the soil contracts and lowers the foundation. These changes in the soil are typically the reason for foundation movement. As soil expands and contracts, your foundation rises and lowers, shifting and causing sticking doors, cracks in sheetrock and brick veneer


Every home is different and so are their foundations. There's no one single way that's best in every situation. That's why Du-West has developed an array of solutions. Du-West is Texas' only full-service foundation repair company able to provide you with: Ultra-Pile ®, bell-bottom piers, steel piles, plumbing services, installation of root shields, tunneling for interior piles and house raising in flood prone areas. Regardless of your specific repair needs, Du-West has the experience to get you back on a solid foundation. Learn for yourself the various repair options.


Du-West is the innovation leader in foundation repair. By developing and perfecting advanced techniques to fix your foundation, Du-West continues to define the leading edge of the foundation repair industry. Find more about our advanced techniques.


From the first call we get from you with concerns about sticking doors and cracks to the clean up after leveling, your experience is important to us the entire time. We give you the best possible solutions and execute them as conveniently for you as we can. Read more about the Du-West experience.

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