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Doing only the work that's needed, providing quick and convenient service, using the appropriate method for each job, and backing it up with a lifetime warranty has helped Du-West earn the confidence of clients just like you. We value our reputation and continue building it today - one foundation at a time.


Bell-bottom basics: dig a deep hole that fans out at the bottom, place rebar and fill it with concrete. Then, use it to lift a foundation to level. Bell-bottom piers depend on the "bell" at the bottom to support the structure. And, since the 50's, that was how foundation repair was done. In some cases, bell-bottom piers are still an appropriate solution. Back in 1982, Elmer Dutton, Du-West's founder, and Gene Wilcox, a professional engineer, developed a better idea: instead of depending on the bottom, what if friction along the length of a pile contributed to holding a house level. Elmer's idea is what we know today as Ultra-Pile ®, a solution so effective it's patented. (patent #5399055)


Beginning in 1978, Du-West Foundation Repair set out to do one thing extraordinarily well: provide the best possible foundation repair solution to Texans like you. Du-West leads our industry because we've developed techniques to revolutionize foundation repair. Today, Du-West continues growing, consistently delivering a repair you can depend on by a company worthy of your trust.

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